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Perros y Zorros pueden ser muy buenos amigos

Juniper es una simpática zorra que se hizo famosa en redes sociales por confundir una cama blanca con la fría y popular para ella, cocaína. Ahora esta exótica mascota volvió a remecer su Intagram a aparecer con su nuevo amigo.

Se comercio de un simpático perro llamado Moose, el que fue rescatado a la misma corta vida que Juniper llegó a radicar con sus padres adoptivos, quienes los unieron y ahora acaecer el día jugando como si fueran los mejores amigos.

A continuación podrás ver algunas imágenes que demuestran la linda amistad entre Juniper y este simpático perro mezcla de pastor australiano que disfruta el tiempo cuidando a su amiga y clan.

Squad up 👅

Una foto publicada por J U N I P E R (@juniperfoxx) el

Cuddle sesh?

Una foto publicada por J U N I P E R (@juniperfoxx) el

🌿Other Animals ft. Daisy the Beagle🌿 It’s Thursday! So it’s time for our weekly educational post! I regularly get a lot of concerned comments and messages about Juniper being on a leash while we’re outside. Here’s one of the reasons why we say it’s for her safety! Juniper LOVES dogs, but most dogs do not love Juniper. In fact, most dogs become stressed and uncomfortable around foxes. Why? Foxes have a different body language than dogs. As you can see in the video Daisy is fine with Juniper while she’s crouching and wagging her tail. This is something puppies do to show submission and dogs get that! However, you can also see that Juniper makes a lot of direct eye contact. All dogs find this uncomfortable and you can see that Daisy continually tries to look away. Thirdly, when foxes play they like to jump at each other, mouths open, ears back. Dogs see this as dominance or a threat, which is why Daisy let Juniper know “hey, I don’t like this” and walked away. You may also notice that Juni does not take no for an answer and continually insists on playing, which can also be pretty stressful for an unsure dog. Daisy is one of my parent’s dogs, Juniper has visited with Daisy since she was small and even though Juniper grew up around Daisy, Daisy is still uncomfortable with her. Juniper is leashed when we’re out because if she were to run up to a dog that didn’t know her, it would most likely end poorly. ✨Update on Olive coming soon! For all of our informational post click here 👉🏼#livingwithjuni

Un vídeo publicado por J U N I P E R (@juniperfoxx) el

Peanut Butter Dreams

Un vídeo publicado por J U N I P E R (@juniperfoxx) el


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